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Mindful Heart Astrology – Eighth House of Transformation

Eighth House

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Transformation, Sex, and Death (Oh, My)

The Eighth House of the horoscope is often perceived as quite daunting, largely I think because it represents areas of life that most of us don’t fully understand and many would rather not talk about. The house of Transformation, Death, Sex, and Rebirth conjures up a great deal, but that is only part of this realm.

Some areas of finance are housed here including shared resources (‘other people’s money), taxes, inheritance, alimony, loans and mortgages. There are also elements of spirituality, psychology, emotional support, well-being, and the occult. How and why these seemingly disparate areas of life come together in this house will become clearer as we consider its ruling sign and planets.

Scorpio’s House

The sign of Scorpio is the natural ruler of the 8th making this a ‘water’ house, and signifies energies related to emotions as well as sensitivity and feeling. One of the three relationship houses in the horoscope, the others being the 5th (love and romance) and the 7th (committed relationships and partnerships), all areas of life represented herein are concerned with some type of exchange.

Eighth HouseThere is always give and take here, no ‘free-ride’ and everything comes with a price either monetarily, emotionally, spiritually, or psychologically. This house tends to reflect the more serious side of life, the depths of despair or passion (the ‘agony and the ecstasy’). One could say there is a consequence with every action, both positive and negative.

The Power of Pluto

Planetary rulership falls under the auspices of Pluto and its co-ruler, Mars. We’ve heard it said that the only constants in life are death and taxes so, with this in mind, consider that each individual will experience 8th house matters during their life. With the influence of Pluto, one has to expect that avoidance is not an option here. Anywhere this particular god comes into play is a situation or area of life that one cannot ignore, sooner or later it must be faced. The longer one waits, the more challenging or painful the resolution or transformation. It’s a ‘pay me now’ or ‘pay me later’ type of matter, but one that will definitely need to be addressed.

With Pluto ‘transformation’ and ‘intensity’ are generally the most significant messages. Consider that everything from birth to death, and all points in between, represents transformation of some sort. Some examples relate to sex (orgasm as referred to by the French as le petit mort, or the little death) and a potential consequence being the start of life and pregnancy (transformation of the female body and the gestation or process of life). Death, both figuratively and literally, factors in here as well. The former could represent death of a way of life or a release of something no longer desired or needed, and in the literal sense transformation from the living body to the next phase of one’s soul journey.

Your Eighth House Sign

As with any house, the sign on the cusp reflects one’s approach to the areas of life represented. For example, with Gemini on the cusp of the 8th one might find many different ways to manage joint finances, or be particularly creative with savings and investments. With the deeper issues of life, or when one is required to face transformation, a Gemini 8th house native will tend to apply intellect together with a strong will to work things through.

Scorpio on the cusp is a bit different, tending towards a more secretive approach to handling shared resources and they often keep their feelings and emotions buried deep inside. Hidden resources or resilience to work through difficult matters, they may experience transformation many times throughout their lifetime.

The Undercurrents

In a natal chart, planets that reside in the 8th house can either weaken or strengthen one’s approach to related areas of life. For example, the Moon in this placement often results in a great deal of emotional intensity, deep and powerful feelings, and the potential to direct a lot of energy towards sex looking for a meaningful connection. Venus residing here however, suggests a need for intensity in one’s relationships with no room for superficiality. These natives are often seeking a deep connection but also have a fear of being hurt, thus feelings of jealousy or demonstrations of possessiveness can play a role in their relationships.

Eighth HouseThe house of Pluto suggests many undercurrents, things which run deep, issues that need to be surfaced so transformation can take place. Secrets surface that can no longer be kept hidden, emotions bubble up, and an imminent birth, or rebirth, becomes obvious. These are examples of why emotional well-being and psychology fall into this house.

Issues Requiring Transformation

Regrettably, recent news items highlight such matters playing out in public view. Long kept secrets, silence on matters of sexual exploitation or harassment which are now coming to light are all 8th house matters. These are issues requiring significant transformation and the energy of Pluto is clearly forcing them to the surface. A painful process for many to be sure, but a necessary one that will lead to transformation and change.

In some way shape or form, we are all on a path of evolutionary growth and development. If one chooses to understand the nature of their own 8th house there is a tremendous opportunity to participate in transformative situations with a little more confidence and a little less fear.

I invite you to explore your 8th house. What does the sign on the cusp or any planets in the house suggest about your own approach towards issues of transformation?

New to Astrology?  Don’t miss Jayne’s new book Astrology Basics!

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