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Pluto & Mars – Scorpionic Power and Transition


Drive and Power

As we travel through the Sun’s annual tenancy in the sign of Scorpio, the planets of both Pluto and Mars become more of a focus. As planetary co-rulers of the sign, the mere mention of these two forces suggest Scorpio’s potential as a powerhouse of energy. This team may seem to have an overabundance of forceful dynamism, however they each represent a different dimension of drive and power that comes together in the sign of Scorpio.

Scorpio is a water sign and from this one can assume that matters involving its ruling planets, Pluto and Mars, draw in a type of feeling or emotional energy, including sensitivity to nuances and undercurrents of issues that may not be obvious to everyone. Scorpio differs in expression from fellow water signs Cancer and Pisces and, while there is still an inherent need for the Scorpion to feel safe and secure, that need shows up quite differently reflecting the quality of its planetary rulers.

ScorpioGate to the Inner Realm

Pluto, as ‘god of the underworld’ represents the depths of our emotions, often what we keep buried inside us. There is a certain amount of secrecy and a need for privacy that this fellow takes quite seriously. Mars seems to take on the role of ‘gatekeeper’ to one’s inner landscape, protecting the private side of Scorpio and pushing back or striking out when it seems that others are getting too close, or just a little too personal.

This reflects the openly expressive side of Scorpio’s Mars which often results in a quick reflexive action, without a great deal of thought behind it. Infused with great intensity, the sting of the Scorpion can be quite painful to anyone on the receiving end, and you will definitely notice it should you be the target!

Pluto’s Impact

Pluto is considered by many as a force to be feared, though I prefer to think of it more as a powerful energy to be respected, particularly when it comes to transits. In case you are not familiar with transits…the dynamic motion of the planets in the heavens creates a transit when one or more of them moves into relationship with a planet or angle in one’s natal chart.

Mindful Heart AstrologyThis transiting relationship creates a particular type of energy which becomes engaged for the period of time the transit is in effect, and its duration depends on the speed of the transiting planet’s orbit. Since Pluto is the outer most planet in our solar system its transits tend to last a while, the effects of which may be apparent for as long as two years. The nature of each transit depends on the particular planets involved, as well as the type of transit (square, opposition, conjunction, trine, sextile), and the areas of life which become triggered in the horoscope.

For example, eighth house matters of death, sex, rebirth and the subconscious, are all areas of life where the influences of Pluto factors in, each representing some need for transformation. Many of these areas reflect matters that many of us would rather not deal with and often we try to push them aside, ignore them, compartmentalize them, or bury them deep within. Pluto, however, forces us to look at things we have been reluctant to see, or address, and deal with them one way or another.

Mars Can Help

Depending on how Mars is situated (within one’s natal chart or in the heavens) during a Pluto transit, we can employ its dynamic energy to initiate action and participate in the transformation being imposed upon us. Not an easy task, but a necessary one to effectively experience growth and allow the continual evolution of one’s emotional foundation, or even one’s spiritual well-being.

The sign of Scorpio represents a great deal of creative energy and will-power. There is intensity, depth and resourcefulness that, when used effectively, has the potential to yield tremendous gifts. Pluto allows us to dig deep and bring all kinds of talent to the surface, while Mars enlists the passion and motivation to drive those potentialities forward.

There is a degree of resilience with both of these planetary energies which can be quite helpful, particularly when one is working through a transit. One is never quite the same after a Pluto transit, often the experience leaving one feeling as though they have truly experienced a rebirth. While this may often be the fear, if one is conscious of the energies in play and willing to work with it, there is the potential to yield significant gifts of personal growth and spiritual development.

Make it Personal

Consider your natal chart and notice which house cusp is ruled by Scorpio. That area of your life will likely have been influenced by some degree of Pluto and Mars energy, regardless of where the planets reside in your chart. Placement of the planets themselves may also tell you something about where and how your source of personal power shows up in your life. Understanding this type of energy, and actively participating with it, can be incredibly helpful and rewarding.

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