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Mindful Heart Astrology: The Seventh House of Relationship

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The Seventh House of Relationship:  I am myself with you

Seventh HouseMarriage and Partnership

The Seventh House of the horoscope represents the areas of life associated with Marriage, Committed Relationships, and Partnerships. This is an angular house with particular significance in the natal chart. The cusp is referred to as the Descendant, or DC for short, and is exactly opposite to the Ascendant (ASC), or the first house cusp. While the Ascendant is concerned with “the Self”, the Descendant is concerned with “the Other” and reflects the qualities or the type of relationships one seeks to attract. Regardless of the connection, the predominant concept for this house is ‘right relationships’.

Relationships and partnerships show up in our lives in many different ways. Committed relationships such as marriage, significant business relationships, contracts, negotiations, and any of the legal parameters concerning these connections, are all represented by the 7th house. As an ‘air’ house, the activities here are associated with connecting to and relating with others. The tone and nature of the connection between two people sets the boundaries, or establishes the container, for the relationship.  One’s interpersonal style of relating and communicating, as well as one’s intellect and perspective on relationships is characterized by the particular sign on the cusp of the house.

Harmony, Balance, and Cooperation

Naturally ruled by the sign of Libra, the characteristics of harmony, balance, cooperation, equity and fairness come into play and apply equally to both personal and business-like relationships. The natural planetary ruler is Venus, one of two houses to be so governed, the other is the second house. With Venus we think of relationships, attraction, beauty, desire, harmony and cooperation. An understanding of the key concepts and words associated with Libra and Venus brings into focus the nature of the 7th House. How we relate to ‘the other”, the degree to which we cooperate, and the reasons we come together in partnership, create the basis for richer and fuller lives, or the relationship challenges we experience.

This area of the chart also represents ‘open (or known) enemies’ including people with whom we compete, do not get along with, or those with whom we have a falling out. As a natural extension, the related issues if contracts and legalities associated with them such as divorce and lawsuits are also included here.

Look to the Sign on the Cusp

The sign on the cusp of the 7th house provides clues about how one relates to others and what one is looking for in a one-to-one connection. For example, with Libra on the cusp one might expect a sense of fairness and balance in a relationship, whether personal or business, as well as some degree of intellectual compatibility since the air signs reflect the realm of ideas and perception. This placement would show Aries on the Ascendant, suggesting the opposite sign on the Descendant (Libra) might offer the often headstrong fire sign a calming influence and perhaps a more balanced perspective.

ConnectionAs another example, Cancer on the cusp of the 7th may lean towards an individual’s desire for a nurturing and sensitive partner, one with whom they can feel safe and secure and just be themselves in warm and welcoming surroundings. It can also mean the flip side though, with the Capricorn rising (the Ascendant) native wanting to provide nurturing and comfort for their partner.

A Sagittarius Descendant might represent one’s desire for adventure in a relationship or even the need for philosophical growth and exchange. These natives also tend to be quite independent and will resist any attempt, personal or otherwise, at pinning them down, and will expect their relationship partners to be self-sufficient. It can be quite an interesting and meaningful exercise to understand how one’s Descendant reflects the relationships one draws into their lives.

Planets in the Seventh House

Another key factor to consider is which planets reside in the house. The Sun in the 7th places significant focus on relationships, highlighting the need for connecting with others in order to achieve one’s goals and desires in life so one can truly shine. A placement of Jupiter here often manifests in sharing great adventures with another, or having shared philosophical ideas and values that significantly flavor the partnership.

adventureJupiter will also require an element of fun and an air of freedom without the burden of boundaries. Uranus in this house can reflect some degree of unusual or unconventional arrangement, or even sudden appearances and/or breakup of relationships or business partnerships. This placement, similar to Jupiter, also requires a sense of freedom where one can be themselves and not feel controlled. In both cases, mutual trust and relaxed boundaries are essential.

For all of us, one-to-one relationships are reflected in the 7th house. In each case, we are seeking something or someone that allows us to feel fulfilled in a way that may only be satisfied through connection with another. The axis between Ascendant and Descendant (Self versus Others) is important to understand.

Experiencing Our Greatest Expression

Who we are and how we effectively engage in relationships creates the basis of our lives from which everything else flows. At best, the right relationships reflected in this house allow us to experience the greatest expression of ourselves. And, those which are challenging or do not last, provide an opportunity for growth and learning.

“I am myself with you” is a phrase that represents the 7th House.  For me, the essence of this part of the chart is further defined by the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “A friend is someone with whom I may be myself. Before him I may think aloud”. I invite you to consider your own 7th House and explore how the sign and any planets there have manifested in your life. What do you notice?

~ Jayne Logan   Jayne Logan

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Jayne Logan’s approach to Astrology is down-to-earth, thoughtful and practical. Her personal journey in the study of this ancient science has allowed her to gain meaningful understanding of the “why” in life. She sees Astrology as an instrument enabling us to engage fully and move through the seasons and cycles of life without fear, but with awareness and purpose. “There is something about this “Art” that encourages a blending of mind and heart. The intertwining of these facets within each of us, enables profound and insightful comprehension of our own life story. At any given time, our place in that story has particular meaning, but at times that meaning escapes us.” In her work, Jayne helps her clients understand their “whys”, to realize the possibilities, and to participate fully in their life’s journey. Jayne is an independent Management Consultant and Certified Professional Coach specializing in Personal Development & Career Transition. Based in Canada, she travels extensively and serves clients in North America and Europe. She considers Astrology to be a highly valued tool in her Coaching and Consulting practice, one which she uses with a deeply Mindful Heart.

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