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Mindful Heart Astrology ~ Mercury’s Rulerships


Virgo and Gemini

Virgo is the second sign of the zodiac to have Mercury as the ruling planet, the other is Gemini. At first glance, Virgo and Gemini seem vastly different, one is an earth sign and the other an air sign. They are both however, mutable signs which means there is a high degree of flexibility and adaptability with each.  When I began my studies in Astrology, I often wondered why these signs shared the smallest planet in the solar system as their ruler. The key to understanding this rulership is to consider the qualities of Mercury itself, rather than comparing the particular qualities of the signs.

Communication and Thinking

Mercury rules communication, thinking processes, and problem solving, traits which are in some way linked to both Virgo and Gemini, though they express quite differently within each sign. For example, Virgo expresses a degree of precision and organization in their approach to communication, thinking and life in general. Gemini, on the other hand, expresses in a more unrestricted and free-flowing manner with an unbounded curiosity that is often difficult to pin down. In terms of element, Virgo’s earthy groundedness provides clarity of purpose while Gemini fills the air with a multitude of ideas and thought streams which often seem unrelated. This is the very essence of the difference between quality (precision) and quantity (scope), the specialist versus the generalist.

Service and Purpose

Virgo’s orientation is directed towards useful service and purpose. There is a practicality associated with their ideas and communication which is intended to facilitate a particular service or outcome. Great gatherers of detail, Virgos are often associated with research, analysis and discernment. A good deal of their thinking tends to be done quietly in their minds or behind the scenes. They will strive to ensure the correctness of their idea before they communicate and, thus, are often considered reserved and introspective. The practical and highly detailed nature of Virgo allows these natives to excel at problem solving. As a result, their skills are often sought by others who recognize the diligence, rigor and expertise a Virgo native can apply to resolving the most complex problems.

Variety and Flexibility

mercuryConversely, Gemini is all about outward communication. They are talkative and often do their thinking ‘out loud’, analyzing what has been verbalized, largely through engaging others in conversation and testing which way the wind is blowing to help them arrive at a decision. With Gemini, variety, options and flexibility are most important, the broader the scope the better. These natives are often labeled talkative, outgoing and sometimes superficial. They have highly active minds and will often participate in word games, puzzles, logic problems and crosswords. For Gemini the goal is often less practical (compared to Virgo) as they strive to continually flex their mental muscle to prove intellectual capability. The skills of these natives are often sought as well, but more often for intellectual debate and discussion, or as the team anchor in a trivia contest.

Interaction and Practical Service

Gemini’s focus is on interaction with people, while Virgo’s focus is practical service. One is highly social, the other much more tactical. Both signs are considered curious and intellectual, each requiring meaningful stimulation otherwise boredom ensues which presents different challenges for each of them. In the case of Virgo, there is the often characteristic criticism and complaining about almost anything. With Gemini, it can be superficial chatter, also about almost anything.

Mercury as ruler has both sides of the communication and thinking coin covered in Virgo and Gemini, which one can be certain is no coincidence. The styles and approaches of both signs, while different, can be complimentary in group or team situations, and even friendships. Gemini can get things rolling by generating a broad scope of ideas and Virgo can choose those most likely to bear fruit and thus drill down selectively to gather detail and analyze fully. Virgo can help keep Gemini grounded when they veer off on an interesting, but unrelated, tangent, and Gemini can provide a list of possibilities from which Virgo can discerningly select.

Finding the Specialist and the Generalist

Contrasting both Mercury ruled signs helps to practically illustrate the necessarily dual nature of this planet.  The specialist or the generalist? This is the difference between the tangible nature of Virgo and the more intangible nature of Gemini. Too much of one may be problematic but a blend or balance of the two can result in considerable mutual benefits. In summary, that is expressed in true “Libra-like” fashion…perhaps an appropriate prelude to our next posting.

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Jayne Logan’s approach to Astrology is down-to-earth, thoughtful and practical. Her personal journey in the study of this ancient science has allowed her to gain meaningful understanding of the “why” in life. She sees Astrology as an instrument enabling us to engage fully and move through the seasons and cycles of life without fear, but with awareness and purpose. “There is something about this “Art” that encourages a blending of mind and heart. The intertwining of these facets within each of us, enables profound and insightful comprehension of our own life story. At any given time, our place in that story has particular meaning, but at times that meaning escapes us.” In her work, Jayne helps her clients understand their “whys”, to realize the possibilities, and to participate fully in their life’s journey. Jayne is an independent Management Consultant and Certified Professional Coach specializing in Personal Development & Career Transition. Based in Canada, she travels extensively and serves clients in North America and Europe. She considers Astrology to be a highly valued tool in her Coaching and Consulting practice, one which she uses with a deeply Mindful Heart.
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  1. Patty September 5, 2017 at 3:25 pm - Reply

    Well this explains why my husband, a Virgo, and I, a Gemini, run our household so well and keep each other for ever interested and stimulated.

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