Full Moon in Pisces – September 2017

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Full Moon in Pisces – September 2017

On Wednesday, September 6th at 12:03am (PST) the moon in Pisces is exactly opposite the sun in Virgo. Virgo is the sign of the Mother, matter, form and life. It is the energy of protection, nurturing and sustaining life. She is an earth sign and so tends to be concerned with physical reality, the real functions of life. She is practical and pragmatic in her perspective. Mercury is her exoteric ruler and brings in the quality of a critical thinking mind so she is mentally very studious. She can tend to be perfectionistic because she holds the ideal of a perfectly ordered universe. All her attention is focused on the goal of maintaining order and therefore she can miss the good in search of the perfect. She cultivates purity in her body and as such is very interested in good health. She feels she must care for and look after everything with industrious hard work and she can feel a sense of inferiority because she is not perfect. On the mundane level, the mantram for this sign is, “Let matter reign.” On the evolutionary journey, the Virgo personality must first immerse herself in the physical world, taste all of its flavors, explore all the possibilities of life in a physical body. “Matter”, becomes her god. At some point, she wakes up to her higher potential and begins to transform those parts of herself that hindered her Soul’s evolution. The urge to purify her body is transmuted into creating a safe and purified container for the development of the soul within. Virgo is the womb and she is preparing to give birth to the Christ principle, unconditional love. By purifying her emotional, mental and physical bodies she creates a form where the Soul can shine forth unimpeded. She then becomes a server, helping others to discover their own divinity. At this level of Soul awareness, she can then live the mantram, “I am the Mother and the child. I god, I matter am.”

This full moon has a few major themes.

Because we are also impacted by Virgo’s opposite sign, Pisces, we need to pay attention this month to our intuitive guidance. We are asked to channel our sensitivity and intuitive wisdom in productive directions. The need to stay grounded is important so we do not become embroiled in the swirl of Piscean feelings. We can use the visionary aspects of Pisces to hold the highest vision that is possible for ourselves and the world.

There is power, in this full moon, in recognizing that each small step we take to bring our vision into reality will have an enormous impact.

We will be revisiting the eclipse degrees so we have an opportunity to move forward with our eclipse intentions.

Using the mental powers of Mars, Mercury, and Regulus we are empowered to use our minds in a creative way to bring about the healing of humanity.


Full Moon in Pisces

Virgo Full Moon Meditation

Please begin by finding a comfortable place to sit, sitting with your spine, relatively erect, but with no strain or tension. Find a gentle rhythm to your breathing, slow and steady. Allow the breath to relax the body, quiet the mind, settle the emotional body until it becomes still and quiescent. Then in your mind’s eye imagine the light of the Soul streaming forth from the area right above your head. See it pour downward, down the very center of your body touching each chakra and settling into the center of the earth. Feel the alignment of heaven and earth in your body, sense a feeling of wholeness, aliveness and peace as this light irradiates your bodies.

Now in your minds’ eye, visualize the color royal blue, this is the color of the Virgo energy. Imagine yourself bathed in that color, see the mist of blue descend into your room and penetrating your body. Breath it in and permit it to flow comfortably through your entire being. State, inwardly your intention to be open and receptive to the energies of Virgo.  Holding yourself in that place of openness, imagine now that you can see the astrological alignment that is taking place in the sky at this time of the full moon. The sun, moon, earth and the constellation of Virgo are all in perfect alignment creating a portal that allows the divine energies of Virgo to flow through to you and from you out into the world. Open yourself to receive and distribute these powerful energies. Imagine the purifying energies of Virgo filling your being, cleansing all obstacles and hindrances. See those energies coming directly into your heart, stimulating the Soul within. Acknowledge the indwelling Christ energy that is there. We seek to become pure vehicles for the Christ consciousness. We are pregnant this month and within our womb is the seed of the Soul.

Now let yourself go deep within to the place of your greatest wisdom. Ask yourself these questions and then remain open and aligned and receptive to the guidance of your higher self.

How can I best embody and express the Christ consciousness in my everyday life, the consciousness of unconditional love?

What obstacles must be transformed in order for me to more fully express this love?

Am I willing to put the gifts that I have, out into the world, just as I am?

Sit with these questions for the next few minutes, until you hear the bell.

Now bring yourselves gently back to the room you are sitting in. Feel your feet on the ground and acknowledge your connection to the earth.

With gratitude in our hearts for this precious gift of unconditional love we close this meditation with an OM.

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Karen Johannsen holds a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology. She spent many years as an elementary school teacher before entering the field of psychology where she was in private practice for over 25 years. She retired in 2014 to write her book and create the card deck called Full Moon Magic. Karen has been a student of the ageless wisdom teachings since 1985 and has studied astrology under Michael Robbins and Heidi Robbins. She has been holding full moon ceremonies in her home and at the Theosophical Society in Seattle since 2002. Visit her websites, The One Heart and My Gentle Musings.

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