Nature Messengers ~ A Sensory Awakening

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Nature Messengers ~ A Sensory Awakening

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Nature MessengerThe ocean is quiet, sighing and murmuring in the night, and yet I feel her awesome power. It is beyond imagination.

Nature is the vastness that exhilarates and frightens us. We sense that there is so much more than meets the eye – a mystery so fathomless we hide from it, fearing for the safety of body and soul.

We dominate and control that which we do not understand. We strip Nature of her resources, use her up even as she gives and gives, dominate her by “right,” take without thought or thanks, lost in the delusion that we are different, separate from her, better than her.

Nature Reflects the Truth of what We are

It is time we wake to the Dream! We are part of Nature. Her breath is our breath; her pain is our pain. Our Spirits flow together down hidden paths, gossamer strands of energy link us one to another. The deer and the bear are my brothers. Water is my life’s blood. I am the hawk, and the hawk is me. All That Is reflects my soul back to me in a myriad of ways.

It is an aspect of our Being that we hide from, that wildness that lives within us, the awesome power we hold and are afraid to wield.

What if we let go of our identities, of all the things we believe to be true about who we are?

What if we woke up and saw that we were beautiful and potent and part of a loving Universe?

What if we could see the gift and a contribution we bring to this planet?

The Gift of Being

Not our skills and our accomplishments but the beauty of who we are? The gift of sharing what we love and what brings us joy? Yes! Our hearts sing at the idea – so how do we begin? How do we discover the beauty and truth of our Being?

Look to Nature. She will show you.

Feel the rhythm of your heart and feel the rhythm of the earth’s heartbeat. Taste the wind, listen to the song of the birds and the howl of the wolf. Notice the sun’s warmth on your skin and smell the delicate scent of the flowers that grace your kitchen table.

Exercise Your Senses to Contact a Deeper Self

nature messengerFill your senses with the sound, smell, touch, and taste of the world around you.  Walk in the woods, swim in the water. Let your senses awaken you to the mystery and wonder around you. Listen to your body, experience the world through your senses, and they will lead you back to your Self.

The body is not something to ignore or rise above. It is an instrument of knowledge and truth. It is a transmitter and translator of energy and emotion. Our emotions and our feelings carry information for us and about us. We create, not from the mind, but from our being.  It is our feeling that is the wellspring of creative power that leads us to concrete action.

We are here on the planet, in physical form for a reason.  Do not spend all your days trying to leave the body to ascend to a spiritual realm that is apart from or above you.  It is here, right now, in your blood, breath, and bone. Embrace it. Feel it. Listen deeply, and you will find your joy, and you will find yourself.

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About the Author:

As A Shaman, my heart’s desire is to help reawaken people’s relationship with Nature and to deepen our relationship with our Soul Self. When we live true to our Self and in communion with the Earth, we discover joy, peace, and creativity and our lives are rich with meaning. I want to dance with the wonder and mystery of creation and help others do the same. I am grateful that each day the plants and animals, the stars and stones, the wind and rain, guide and teach me. I am especially grateful to my Anam-Cara – my soul friend, my dear horse Smoke, who has been my teacher, my guide, and my friend on life’s journey. Peace and Joy, Jan

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