New Moon in Aries

The New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle and energetically supports us in birthing something new. For this reason, ideas and intentions that are set during the new moon a supported to germinate and take root so that they can bloom at the full moon in two week’s time.

Sacred Mantram of Gemini: “I see my other self, and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow..”

Gemini: The Power of Connection

Gemini New MoonGemini is the sign of the twins and is inquisitive, social, and flexible by nature. With Gemini, we seek to branch out and discover new ways of perceiving the world. Use the energy of this New Moon to call more curiosity into your life and to see the connections between different ideas, people, or places. Perhaps there are connections to discover within you as well.

The Greek God Hermes is associated with Gemini. In myth, Hermes was the winged messenger who could freely travel between all the worlds, even the underworld. Mercury can help us find freedom of movement as well when our thoughts, bodies, feelings or spirits have become too rigid. With the New Moon in Gemini, we break out of limitations. We step into places that promise new insights about our inner life.

Mercury, the ruling planet of Gemini, also oversees the free-flow of commerce and the news of the day. We can call on Hermes/Mercury to help us whenever we need to know what’s going on, to free up flows of information or commerce, and to gain safe passage through both inner and outer worlds.

As the sign of communication and language, Gemini will help us perceive ourselves and the world in new ways by coaxing out stories that need to be told and retold. Sometimes naming something for what it is allows healing to happen. And sometimes the story has to be seen from a new point of view before healing can happen.

With the New Moon in Gemini, consider which area in your life could use a new point of view. Are there people, activities, or places that you have always been curious about? This Moon invites us to examine how we use our skills of communication. Is it to investigate and uncover – or confuse and mislead?

-Rhea Wolf from The Light that Changes

For more about the moon in astrology, explore Rhea Wolf’s book, The Light that Changes; The Moon in Astrology, Stories and Time

Set A Gemini New Moon Intention

Set your intention at the Gemini New Moon around topics that align with the energy of Gemini. Here are some suggestions.

Tell Your Story

What is a story about you that needs to be told? Tell it! Sing it, write it, talk about it with a trusted friend, journal it. Whatever way seems comfortable, communicate the story in as much detail as you can. As you tell the story focus on where you feel it in your body and breath deeply into that place. Don’t think about it, feel it. Is there something there that you need to integrate? Let go of?  Forgive? Allow your body to connect to the story and let it’s telling heal and nourish you.

Meet Someone New

Gemini is an energy that will support you to step outside of everyday relationships and build a bridge to someone new. Is there someone you have wanted to get to know? Have coffee or a drink and connect. Search for what you have in common and build a new connection.

Take a Class

Take advantage of the Gemini New Moon to learn something new. Gemini’s energy of natural curiosity and active intelligence might be the perfect kickstarter for a new course or class that sparks your interest.

Spiritual Theme:The Relating of the Pairs of Opposites and Building the Antahkarana