New Moon in Aries

The New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle and energetically supports us in birthing something new. For this reason, ideas and intentions that are set during the new moon a supported to germinate and take root so that they can bloom at the full moon in two week’s time.

Sacred Mantram of Libra: “I choose the way that leads between the two great lines of force.”

Libra: Balancing Act

New Moon Libra Libra is the sign of the scales and symbolizes our human desire for balance and just outcomes. Libra is sensitive to others, charming and social by nature. Libra is ruled by Venus goddess of relating and can assist us in developing good social graces.

Use the power of this New Moon to call in what you need to restore balance and beauty to your life. It could be that your home is crying out for a do-over, Libra can help with that. Or maybe it’s your love-life that needs revamping. Libra’s here to lend a hand. If you want to see yourself in a more flattering light, the Libra Moon can put things in perspective.

Libra wants to create peace where there is discord and bring more beauty and grace into our world. Libra’s world is not free of tension but teaches how to navigate conflict n order to cultivate win-win situations in which everyone flourishes. Rather than repressing the imbalance, look within for hidden motivations, conditions, or judgments whenever strife arises. When we are avoiding our inner work, sometimes the Powers That Be will swoop in to get our attention through the actions of (annoying) people in our lives. If there are people or situations that are really getting to you, check yourself first.

Working with Venus, the goddess of love, we can create a sense of luxury, beautify our homes and smo0oth out difficult relationships. What is beautiful to you? Are there tendencies or roles you play in relationships that you would like to release?  Do you struggle with co-dependency or a fear of commitment? Are you satisfied with the quality of your social life?

-Rhea Wolf from The Light that Changes

For more about the moon in astrology, explore Rhea Wolf’s book, The Light that Changes; The Moon in Astrology, Stories and Time

Set A Libra New Moon Intention

Set your intention at the Libra New Moon around topics that align with the energy of Libra. Here are some suggestions.

Get Social

The energy of Libra is social and seeks peace and harmony. Use the Libra New Moon energy to connect socially with others with whom you might not ordinarily spend time. Use the gifts of social connection to see yourself and others more clearly.

Beautify Your Environment

You took stock of your environment during the Virgo New Moon and cleaned out objects that no longer served your purpose. Make time during the Libra New Moon to beautify the fresh space. Balance the energy and flow of your space by thinking about how and where objects are placed. Add aromas of clary sage or frankincense to maintain an energetic equilibrium.

Speak Truth

Now is an excellent time to speak your truth if you need support from the diplomatic energy of Libra. If there is something that you have been holding back, the Libra New Moon energy can help you express it with diplomacy, compromise, and cooperation. You can say what you need to say, but in a way that builds relationship so that everyone wins!

Spiritual Theme:To Harmonize Duality through the Establishment of Right Relationship