New Moon Cancer 2019

Pisces: An Invitation to Surrender

The New Moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle and energetically supports us in birthing something new. For this reason, ideas and intentions set during the new moon are supported to germinate and take root so that they can bloom at the full moon in two week’s time.

Sacred Theme of Pisces: I leave the fathers house and turning back, I save.


This month the new moon occurs in the sign of Pisces, so focusing on Piscean themes at this time is a good way to celebrate the new moon cycle. Life is never static or perfect and changes are trying to happen. Let’s focus on and support the larger plan that is unfolding before our eyes. Here are some suggested topics that align with the energy of Pisces:

  • Practice Compassion: Pisces is one of the most compassion-filled signs of the zodiac. Work to activate your heart when interacting with a person who stimulates your inner critic. When you feel that buzz of criticism, go to your heart center. Hold an image of them there. Recognize that that they, too, carry a seed of the sacred. Explore what that seed is and how, in its full bloom, it brings value and light to the world.
  • Escape: There is a blessed gift in escape. We all love a vacation!  Focus on the small things that release you from the burdens of your everyday world. Choose one and escape into it! Some ideas might be a bubble bath, a favorite book or film, an afternoon away to a favorite location, or even an evening alone. Nurture your escape artist and disconnect!
  • Surrender Your Fear: Fear is the opposite of love. It is anti-love and the energy that separates from others and from some orphaned part of ourselves. Grab your journal. Be with your fear. Give it a name and ask it to sit with you. Dive into the deep waters of its being and meet it there. How does it hold you captive? Visualize your life centered on love, rather than the fear. How does facing your fear free you?
  • Meditate: There is a greater life striving to express and manifest. Set a regular time to meditate during the next two weeks. Take time through meditation to consciously connect with the life expressing around you. Let yourself slip into a higher state of consciousness. What is your vision there? How, through the work that you do, can you craft and create your perfected expression of that vision?

Affirmation –

“I trust the energy of the greater life and I invite this energy to flow through me.”