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Bridging a Feeling Mind with a Thinking Heart


Mind combines the abilities of concrete and abstract thinking. These are powerful, busy, and dominating energies that can dominate how we make decisions, judgements and choices. We get our needs met, we complete tasks, and manage our lives successfully when we use this focused energy in the physical world.

Our Reason and Logic

We learn, with training, to conceptualize, interpret, and calculate in more abstract ways. This is necessary to build careers and live successfully in the world. A focused mind has the power to evoke change.

Without the energy of heart, though, this seeks to master the environment, often on behalf of our will and desire nature. It has a powerful and direct line to the solar plexus center. In an un-awakened heart, this will manifest as self-interest, pride, and ambition. Mind without heart is cruel, self-serving, and destructive.

Connection of Heart

The heart, at the center of our physical being, gives us access to connection, warmth, joy and compassion. Through the energy of the heart we experience that we are part of something larger, and that we are connected to the rest of the universe. We inspire kindness, connection, and compassion in others through the use of our heart energy.

Experiencing the Partnership of Heart and Mind

As we begin to awaken to the influence of the soul, a partnership begins to form between mind and heart. A powerful energetic link forms when we connect the love, compassion and connection of heart with the reason and logic of the mind. The heart begins to inform our reality. We learn to think with the heart and feel with the mind. Through this powerful partnership, we are able to manifest wise action, love, and practical solutions

So, how do we become more conscious of this process? One way is to ask yourself, when facing any emotionally charged problem or situation, “What does my heart tell me?”. This will exercise the partnership between mind and heart and open you to a more loving and compassionate world.

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