Consciousness and Astrology

Consciousness Matters

Esoteric or Soul-Centered Astrology provides a way to understand ourselves through the lens of our consciousness. Astrology is an invaluable tool for self-understanding, personal guidance, and integration, however, traditional astrology is limited due to its inability to work within the framework of varying consciousness.

Consciousness is the earned wisdom of all the previous life’s experiences that we have had in all our prior incarnations. We integrate this past learning and carry it forward. For this reason, each of us brings a different degree of consciousness that has evolved over our many incarnations. Soul-centered Astrology factors consciousness into the analysis of an individual’s astrology. We begin to understand ourselves astrologically related to our consciousness through this lens.

My friend and teacher, William Meader uses this extreme example. Consider the chart of a human being and that of a chimpanzee. Both are born in the same city, at the same time, on the same day and year. Chimp and human have precisely the same chart. Yet, the expressions of their individual astrology are incredibly different. So, how do we account for the differences in the consciousness of these two beings with identical astrological charts? Soul-Centered astrology does this.

A Tool to Assess the Difference

The signs and the planets provide energy that emanates our solar system. The influence of these celestial bodies relates directly to your place on the spiritual path and how much control the soul has over the personality drives and activity. The planets indicate energies that affect us on a personality level, which is essential during the phase of our developing consciousness.

During this time our main task is to align and coordinate our personality vehicles. The components of the personality vehicles are the energy (etheric) physical body, the emotional body, and the mental body. These vehicles must work together in a coordinated and organized way for us to be effective in the world. During this phase of our development, exoteric or traditional astrology is a valuable tool to help us understand ourselves, our drives, and needs more deeply.

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Exoteric or Traditional Rulership

Soul-Centered AstrologyTraditional astrology is most appropriate for those who have not yet awakened to their higher spiritual purpose. Its focus on the energy emanations from the planets help us to understand the personality life and how its aspects (the physical/etheric, emotional, and mental bodies) are working to coordinate and become successful in the world.

Traditional astrology helps us to more deeply explore who we are, how we interact in the world, how we build relationships and work within our social systems. The forces emanating from the planets and their influence on our day-to-day life are fundamental here.

Sun – Moon – Ascendant

For traditional astrology, the Sun represents the ego or personality self. We can consider the Sun as an indicator of the individual’s identity and nature. The sun sign provides important clues for the quality of your expression in the world. The primary task here is in coordinating the personality vehicles for integration and, ultimately, awakening to the higher spiritual being. The lower three chakras are very active at this time in our development.

The moon represents the emotional life. It provides clues to the feeling nature, unconscious impulses or instinctual drives, and how you nurture and are nurtured. The moon sign and placement may indicate childhood wounds that require resolution.

The ascendant represents your persona and how you present yourself to the world. It can describe your identity, clues to your actual physical appearance. Your life is about your ascendant.

Esoteric or Soul-Centered Rulership

Soul-Centered AstrologyEsoteric or Soul-Centered Astrology is relevant for those who are awake to their higher spiritual influence and are more intentionally working to manifest the soul [purpose] in their life.

When the personality has become significantly coordinated, the soul makes contact. At this point in the incarnational cycle, we’ve cleaned up our act. We’re working well in the world with a level of effectiveness. The soul can begin to work in the substance of form. (Explore more about this – The Dance of Soul and Personality). The energy of the lower chakras begins to lift to the corresponding chakras above the waist. The Heart center begins to open, and the solar plexus energy starts to raise to the heart. Sacral center energy lifts to the throat chakra, and the Base chakra energy lifts to the crown.

Once awakening occurs, the influence of the planets themselves begins to diminish, and this will continue as soul-infusion progresses. The governing force (energetic impact) becomes the energy flowing through the planets from the constellations beyond. The transpersonal effects of Uranus and Neptune begin to have a more direct influence on the individual. Pluto does as well, but its impact is related to further purification and transformation of the personality vehicle. Spiritual or Soul-centered astrology will become increasingly relevant as more individuals awaken to their higher spiritual nature.


The Sun indicates what is probable for the individual and its placement holds a quality of resting identity. It suggests the personality, its quality, temperament, and the problems that they must strive to overcome (glamors) for the sun to express most purely. Most importantly, when the Sun sign expresses its highest vibration, it accesses and activates the soul point (ascendant).

The Ascendant indicates what is possible in the lifetime, or the secret of the future. It provides important clues to the inner life of meaning, the soul’s purpose for incarnating, and the highest possibilities for this lifetime.

The moon in Soul-Centered Astrology indicates the past, limitations, and the way that the personality inhibits the soul’s work. Its sign and house placement hold essential clues to Karmic inheritance and how to liberate yourself from previous patterns (this and previous lifetimes). When the challenges and habits of the moon remain unresolved, the moon can indicate the prison of the soul.

Hierarchical or Spiritual Rulership

Hierarchical or Spiritual Rulership is only relevant to those who are fully spiritually infused. The soul is the absolute governor of life, and the personality works as partner. I focus rarely focus on this level of rulership because, quite frankly, it is exceptionally rare. I don’t personally know anyone who’s soul has this kind of grip on their life. If you are wondering if this is relevant for you, here are a few questions that might help to discern if a focus on hierarchical rulership would be a good fit.

  • Do you operate from a place of total selflessness and governance by spirit that is sometimes referred to as discipleship (think Mother Teresa)?
  • Is your work in the world changing the course of humanity as a whole (think Abraham Lincoln)?
  • Does your work in the world have a global impact (think Jane Goodall)?
If the answer to all of these questions is ‘yes’ then focusing on hierarchical rulership might be appropriate.

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