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The Sun Enters the Sign of Sagittarius

Whenever the Sun enters the sign of Sagittarius, I take a deep breath. Ahhhh,  it feels liberating and free.  After the dark underworld of Scorpio, we arise into a new dawn with vision and hope. We have cleared away whatever the darkness revealed, and we stand poised and ready to embody a higher purpose. Sagittarius offers us the opportunity to reclaim the larger perspective, the higher aspiration.

We aim our arrows straight and true toward whatever vision we can imagine. The glyph for Sagittarius is the archer that aims his arrow high toward his goal. Once the goal is reached, he resolutely moves toward achieving the next goal. The mantram for the Sagittarius personality is, “I see the goal. I reach the goal and see another.” He is in a relentless pursuit for the truth.

The Energy of Sagittarius

Some words that describe facets of the Sagittarius personality are: one pointedness, explorer, seeker of the truth, moralist, free spirit, the guide, the know it all, the philosopher.

PartnershipThe opposite sign to Sagittarius is Gemini, a much different energy. Rather than the one-pointed focus of Sagittarius, Gemini can be all over the place. Here and there and everywhere.  He seeks the truth as well, but with his agile mind he tends to jump from one thing to another, gathering information and disseminating it at every opportunity.

Sagittarius needs the Gemini energy to keep him from becoming rigid in his outlook and Gemini needs Sagittarius to help him focus on one thing.  They make good partners if they can work together. This month you might watch to see where you are dissipating your energy and be committed to focusing on what is most important to you. We are in the holiday season now and being mindful of how you want to use your energy seems like an important intention.

The Significance of the Early Degrees of Gemini

Because this full moon is in the early degrees of Gemini, it has a special importance.  It carries the energy of new beginnings and new lessons to be learned. What new beginning are you willing to step into?  What lessons might there be for you as you commit to a new start?

Jupiter has an important role in this month’s full moon. Not only is it one of Sagittarius rulers, but at the full moon moment it sits right next to Sagittarius in the sky, thus increasing its impact. Jupiter is known for its qualities of expansion, abundance, and bounty. But with this powerful placement it will be easy to create an imbalance.  Too much of anything can create an unhealthy situation. We may become overloaded. There may be a tendency to excess. Coming during this holiday season we may want to be watchful of how we spend our money.

Mars’ Influence

Sagittarius, Gemini and Jupiter are also caught up in a t-square to the planet Mars. Mars is in the water sign of Pisces. This gives the dynamic quality of Mars more of a fluid and floaty energy. We still might be tempted to take unnecessary risks if Mars goes unchecked, so it will be wise to remember the wisdom in safe and sensible action.

The planet Mercury also plays a role this month and it sits close to Jupiter in the sky. This may mean that we need to be cautious in our speech as it will be tempting to exaggerate or to relay inaccurate information. Mercury and Jupiter both relate to the function of communication, so we need to be extra careful when we share information that it is truthful and accurate.

Join Us in Meditation

Sagittarius Full Moon 2018

The Sagittarius Full Moon

The Meditation

Let us prepare for meditation

To begin our meditation please find yourself in a comfortable position, with the spine relatively erect, but with no undue strain or tension. Establish a quiet rhythm to your breathing and feel the body begin to relax and let go. Breathe a silent OM into the physical body, releasing all tension and strain. Breathe a silent OM into the mental body, allowing the mind to become still. And finally breathe a silent OM into the emotional body, neutralizing any disruptive, conflicted energies.

Take a moment to feel the stillness that is created by this process. Now, imagine the Light of the Soul shining as a ball of Light above your head. See that light descend into your body. See it connect to each chakra as it moves downward into the earth. In the center of the earth, the energy of the heavens align with the energies of the earth. Feel this alignment within your body, heaven and earth aligned, within you. Now let us reach even higher. Let us send our energy up into the home of the Great Ones, the Masters. Ask to be connected to the Spiritual realms where they reside. Ask to be connected to Them.

We have been told that the head of this hierarchy of Masters, called the Christ, has promised that whatsoever we ask in His name shall be accomplished, so let us ask for the Forces of Light to descend on our planet. See, in your mind’s eye, this energy descend and flood our planet with Light.

Imagine this energy magnetizing the will to good within the hearts of people everywhere. Let us ask the Great Ones to impress upon the leaders in our country those great ideals and ideas that are based on a world view of inclusivity and cooperation. Let the vision of brotherhood and sisterhood be realized. Let us hold a vision of a world at peace, of a world where resources are shared and where we recognize the divinity within everyone.

Call forth the Forces of Light to create a great unifying, protective and defending wall of Light around our planet, magnifying the good and dispelling all negativity and evil from within and without. Finally, let us visualize the Christ, the head of the Hierarchy of Masters, in the center of our planet, radiating forth love, compassion and blessing on all the world. Let us work in this way, aligning ourselves with the forces supporting the evolution of humanity. Let us work without fear. Let us remember that this is why we chose to incarnate at this time, to be beacons of light to our world as it goes through this transition into a new age.

Let us close with this world prayer, created in the mid 1930’s, called The Great Invocation I:

Let the Forces of Light bring illumination to humankind.

Let the Spirit of Peace be spread abroad.

May people of good will everywhere meet in a spirit of cooperation.

May forgiveness on the part of every human be the keynote at this time.

Let power attend the efforts of the Great Ones,

So let it be and help us to do our part.

And so it is. Om  Om  Om

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