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Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in Capricorn

Full Moon in the Sign of Capricorn 2018

This month we come together to celebrate two very powerful events, the full moon in Capricorn, and the Winter Solstice. The Winter Solstice occurs on December 21st when the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn at 2:23pm (PST) The very next day we have the Cancer full moon happening at 9:48am. (PST) These two events transpiring so close to one another makes the astrological aspects even more potent.

With the Cancer/Capricorn polarity our task is to bring together the masculine energy of Capricorn with the nurturing, feeling nature of Cancer. When these two signs are balanced, we have a perfect marriage of will and love.

Balancing Capricorn and Cancer

Capricorn is an earth sign which means it embodies the qualities of solidity, pragmatism, and concrete reality, whereas Cancer is a water sign, making it much more fluid, sensitive and emotional. One question for us to contemplate this month is, “How do we balance the “go with the flow” energy of Cancer with the, “Let’s make it happen” energy of Capricorn? How do you see it playing out in your everyday life?

Capricorn is a provider, Cancer the nurturer. Can we learn to be a nurturing provider? Cancer feels, Capricorn, not so much. How can we become lovingly detached?  Neither sign is radical or impulsive although both contain strong will energy.


There is a quality of restraint at this full moon. One of Cancer’s rulers is the moon and because the moon is in Cancer at this time the feminine energies are strong. But the Sun and Saturn in Capricorn will temper those energies, tamp them down. It may feel like you are being told to watch yourself, and don’t step out of line.

Many aspects of this full moon ask us to be mindful of our emotional natures (Mars in Pisces, sextile Pluto, conjunct Chiron). While the impact of this may have you super-emotional, triggering deep feelings, it is important to remember that as humans, we are meant to care and have feelings.

Compassion for ourselves is a healing practice that will help us navigate these sensitive times. It will be important to find some healthy outlet for these emotions because if they are held tightly within the body there can be health related problems that manifest. It also helps to remember to not take everything personally.

Winter SolsticeThe Winter Solstice

The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year and the longest night, but we are reminded that from this moment on a bit more sun will be available to us each day. As important as that external event is, I choose to honor this day by focusing on the light that we each have within. This light is always available to us. It never goes away. It only requires that we acknowledge it and hold the intention to shine forth more brilliantly every day.

The Meditation

Prepare for meditation.

Please make sure you are seated comfortably and, in a space, where you will not be disturbed. You might want to have a candle handy that you can light before we begin, as a way of acknowledging this Solstice time.

Now take a few minutes to establish an evenness to your breathing. Just noticing the in breath and the out-breath. Feel the body relax, the mind let go of busyness and the emotional body sink into stillness. Take as long as you like to reach that place of inner quiet.

I’d like to take you now on an imaginary journey. In your minds eye take yourself to a place of great beauty. It can be a place where you have actually visited or one that you just imagine. Feel yourself fully there. This place is yours alone. No one can disturb you here and you feel completely safe and protected. You can always call on your angels or guides to be present with you if you wish.

As you settle into your special place take a moment to look around and notice what you see. Picture it as clearly as you can. Now take a deep breath through your nose and notice what smells this place contains. Is it the sweetness of blooming flowers, the salty air of the ocean? Imagine a warm breeze that gently touches your face. Now, begin to listen carefully.  What noises do you hear? If nothing comes to you, just imagine you hear something. Lie down on the earth now and feel the deep peace that envelops you. Feel the Cancer energy of the Mother fill your body. You feel held, supported and acknowledged by her presence.

Take a moment now to sit up and look around. You notice a path leading into the forest. Begin to walk along the path and as you enter the woods sense the sacredness that surrounds you. The energy of the trees begins to fill you, connecting you even more deeply to the earth, to the ground of your being.

Soon you come to an opening that appears to be a cave. It beckons you to enter. You somehow feel drawn to go within. As you enter you notice there is dim candlelight on the walls, lighting your way. The passageway leads downward, deep into the earth. Notice the change in temperature, the change in the air. The smells and sounds are different. Somehow you feel safe and protected. As you come to the end of the passageway there is a door. You easily open the door and walk inside.

The room is filled with candles along the walls. The feeling is like walking into a sanctuary. In the center of the room is an altar. It is a flat stone, covered by a beautiful cloth. On top of the cloth are what appear to be sacred objects. In the center of the altar is a large burning candle. Soon you become aware of a presence in the room. And as you look around you see one of the Enlightened Ones, a Master, sitting on a golden chair right next to the altar. This being could be a being you feel close to like the Master Jesus, the Lord Buddha, Quan Yin, or any other.

It beckons you to come closer and as you do you kneel in reverence before him or her. The Master reaches down and makes the sign of the cross on your forehead and blesses you. Take a moment to allow that blessing to fill you. Feel the blessing in every cell of your body. Now the Master reaches over to the flame of the candle and places that light inside your heart. Breathe that in. Your heart is now aflame with the Love of the Christ. Feel it fill you being.

Accept it into yourself with joy and gratitude. Slowly you rise and return to sit on a cushion that has ben place before the altar. Sitting silently there notice what it feels like to know you are this light. This is your true essence. You are the light of the world. Sit there in that stillness for the next few minutes.

When you are ready you stand up and with deep gratitude and reverence you bow once more before the Master. Then quietly you leave the room, slowly making your way back through the passageway to the mouth of the cave. Walking once again through the woods you stop to bless the trees and give thanks for their support on your journey. Finally, you find yourself back at your own sacred place. Sitting in the silence there for a few moments you express your gratitude for all that has been given to you, all you have received.

Silently commit now to nurturing this light, feeding it, expanding it, letting it grow within you. Then renew your commitment to radiate this light, as an act of service, into your world.

When you are ready bring yourself gently back into your room. Feeling yourself fully in your body. Perhaps wriggling your hands and feet until you feel ready to open your eyes.

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