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Scorpio Full Moon Meditation

Scorpio – Journey to the Underworld

The ancients believed that winter was a time of great spiritual power, when the sun journeyed through the underworld gathering the secrets of life and death until its rebirth in Spring. The journey into the underworld is what Scorpio is all about. This journey is symbolized for us in the mythical tale of Hercules. In this ancient legend, we have the story of this “man-god” who faces twelve challenges as he seeks to elevate his consciousness. These challenges correspond to the twelve signs of the zodiac and the obstacles that are presented to each of us as we travel around the astrological wheel each year. He is guided at each challenge by the “Great Presiding One.”

scorpioTasks for Transformation

In Scorpio he is given the task of seeking out the hydra, a fierce dragon that lies hidden in the dark swamps. The Great Presiding One gives him only these three statements to assist him.

We rise by kneeling

We conquer by surrendering

We gain by giving up.

Hercules finds the dragon and does his best to slay him with his powerful sword, but the hydra has nine heads and each time Hercules cuts one off, another appears. Finally in desperation he remembers the words of his Guide.

He kneels, in humbleness, recognizing that by himself he cannot conquer the dragon.

He surrenders to a Higher Will.  He must tap into his own Higher Wisdom.

He must give up his idea of how to conquer and overcome this obstacle.

As he recognizes his own inner wisdom, gives up his own agenda and asks for help he is guided to lift the hydra up to the light and there, to his surprise, the hydra is transformed.

Scorpio’s Transformational Power

This is the Scorpio journey, the journey of transformation. We are asked to look deeply at all of the negative aspects of our personality and lift them up to a higher frequency so they can more closely align with the vibration of the Soul. We must kneel in humbleness at our unsuccessful attempts to deal with these personality problems with only the personality to help. Low vibration cannot heal low vibration. In surrendering to a Higher Will we invoke a greater wisdom, a larger perspective. We surrender to the Soul’s agenda. When we give up all our striving and efforting, and rest in the Soul we can transmute that effort into an aspiration where we just aspire to open and allow our own true nature to unfold. Our own true nature, divine beauty, joy, and strength will unfold in its own time, at its own pace. In the meantime, we can just acknowledge what our true nature is and identify with that, thus raising our whole consciousness up into the Light Divine.

Full Moon in Scorpio

The Prayer, by David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco

Deepen Your Transformation

Pondering these questions as you enter into meditation this month, especially on the day of the full moon, can deepen your transformation.

Can you let go of striving and effort and struggle and just allow the Soul to shine its light on you and remind you of how perfect you already are?

Can you let go of trying so hard, and just trust in your Soul to lead you?

Can you sink into the knowing that the Soul and the Universe totally support you? Can you rest there?

Scorpio Full Moon Meditation

Listen to the Meditation

To begin our meditation today please make sure you are seated comfortably, with the spine relatively erect. Begin to gently focus on the breath, breathing slowly and rhythmically. Let the nervous system carry the message of relaxation to every organ, muscle, tendon, ligament, bones, skeletal system and cells. Feel the body as it lets go and enters a deep state of relaxation. (pause) Now let us breathe into the emotional body, feeling the emotions become calm like a still lake. (pause) Then let us send our breath to the mind, asking for the busy mind to become quiescent and still. From this place of alignment let us breathe into our heart the color of Scorpio, scarlet red. See this color as a mist that descends into the room and breathe it into your heart. (pause) Feel the heart as it receives this passionate, vibrant energy. Now bring your attention to the crown of your head and imagine the light of the Soul emanating from this ball of light that sits atop your crown chakra. Repeat silently, I am the Soul, and also love am I. Above all else I am will and fixed design. My will is now to lift the lower self into the light Divine. This light I am. Take a few minutes now to contemplate if there is anything in your life that you recognize is in need of transformation? Are you struggling with some issue in your life right now? (pause) Let us consider the words of the Great Presiding One. We rise by kneeling. Are we willing to humble ourselves and say, “I can’t heal this issue on my own, on the level of my personality.  I need help with this.” Are we willing? (pause) If so, in your mind’s eye lift that issue, that problem, that struggle, up to the light of the Soul. See yourself lifting it to the area above the crown, then ask the Soul to shine its light on this issue.  Ask for a greater understanding, a higher perspective, guidance and reassurance.  Then wait, in silence, for insight. (pause)

Now let us remember the second instruction. We conquer by surrendering. What do you need to surrender for this issue to transform? An old way of thinking? A stuck pattern? Your little will?  Can you surrender your little will to your greater wisdom? Can you let go of how you think it should all work out and say, “I trust in the greater will of my Soul?” Imagine that Higher Will, the will of your own Soul, pouring into you. Feel it as a verticalness, a feeling of strength, then seize that strength and make it your own.

The last instruction was, we gain by giving up. Can you let go of striving and effort and struggle and just allow the Soul to shine its light on you and remind you of how perfect you already are? Can you let go of trying so hard, and just trust in your Soul to lead you. Can you sink into the knowing that the Soul and the Universe totally support you? Can you rest there?

In closing I’d like you to repeat to yourself silently, this mantram.

May I be at peace

May I be free of suffering

May I remember the beauty, the joy, and the strength of my own true nature.

May I be healed.

May I live my life with ease.


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