Holding the Opposites

Full Moon ScorpioThis full moon we are dealing with the Scorpio/Taurus polarity. The sun is in Scorpio and the moon is opposite it in the sign of Taurus. This polarity reveals the tension between letting go and holding on. Taurus wants stability, and security and Scorpio must be willing to let go of her security needs to travel to the underworld and discover her warrior spirit. The Scorpio season invites us to let go of whatever diminishes our power and vitality.

We must travel to the realm of the unconscious and courageously dig deep to face our darkness. The journey then becomes one of bringing that darkness up to the light of day, to conscious awareness, so that we might transform what is in need of healing.

Super Full Moon

This full moon is called a Super Full Moon because the moon is at its closest proximity to the earth at the same time as the full moon. This means we most likely will feel its influence more powerfully. Taurus, being an earth sign, is very concerned with issues of survival and longs for comfort and security. So be aware this month of anything that arises within you that triggers your fears around your own safety and any tendency to pursue comfort at the expense of facing what needs to be let go of.

Scorpio wants to show you where you are stuck so the potential for healing can occur. You might become aware of places within you that reflect old habitual patterns that are ready to be released. Usually these patterns show up when we feel defensive or scared. With a bit of self-reflection and inquiry we can more easily understand the roots of the trigger and begin the process of letting go.

The Support We Need

Scorpio 2Venus is in the sign of Libra and it is opposite Uranus in the sign of Aries. This aspect gives us the support we need to break free of attachments that may be unhealthy. We are still dealing with the effects of the themes of the new moon in which Uranus played a dominant role.

Uranus can bring disruption and revolution as well as accelerate our consciousness. It’s like a jolt of lightening, forcing us to look at things from a higher perspective.  Venus invites us to greater self-love and will tend to bring to light any issues of self-worth that hinder our ability to open to more aliveness and intimacy.

The Reward

How do we integrate these two powerful signs? I think it helps to see the polarity as aspects of the same cycle. We must descend into the underworld to release what is holding us back from living life more fully, but the darkness is only part of the picture.  When we emerge, we are able to see the beauty, the joy and the love that is always available to us.

Scorpio Full Moon

Scorpio Full Moon Meditation


To begin our meditation today please make sure you are seated comfortably, with the spine relatively erect. Begin to gently focus on the breath, breathing slowly and rhythmically. Let the nervous system carry the message of relaxation to every organ, muscle, tendon, ligament, bones, skeletal system and cells.

Feel the body as it lets go and enters a deep state of relaxation. (pause)

  • Now let us breathe into the emotional body, feeling the emotions become calm like a still lake. (pause) Then let us send our breath to the mind, asking for the busy mind to become quiescent and still.
  • From this place of alignment let us breathe into our heart the color of Scorpio, scarlet red. See this color as a mist that descends into the room and breathe it into your heart. (pause)
  • Feel the heart as it receives this passionate, vibrant energy. Allow this feeling of aliveness to penetrate every cell of your body. Feel this energy as courage. Feel yourself become the Scorpio warrior. “Warrior am I, and from the battle I emerge triumphant” This is the Scorpio journey. From all the tests, and trials this energy presents to us we will emerge victorious.

Now in your imagination see yourself in a place of great beauty. Perhaps someplace you have actually been or just someplace you can imagine. See yourself there, as clearly as possible. Look around and notice your surroundings. This is a sacred place that is protected and safe and yours alone. Feel yourself settle into the beauty. Notice the aroma in the air. Is there the sweet smell of flowers, or the crisp smell of autumn? Notice that the temperature is just right for you, so you are comfortable and at ease. Do you hear any sounds in this place?

Now feeling yourself fully there, in this sacred space, look around until you see a path off in the distance. Start walking toward this path and follow it as it winds through a gentle forest. Eventually you come to an opening that looks like a cave. Notice that this cave is large enough to allow you to walk into it easily.

Once inside the cave you notice a stairway leading down into the center of the earth. The stairway is lit by candles attached to the walls and you easily make your way down to the bottom where you see a beautiful door. When you walk through the doorway you see a room that is dimly lit but you notice a chair in the middle that has been prepared just for you. You go and sit in this chair and feel your allies surround you.

All those beings that work with you from the unseen worlds. They are here to assist you. Now close your eyes and go gently within. Reflect for a few minutes on what you perceive is the darkness within you. Where are those places that keep you stuck in unhealthy ways? Bring to mind one or two patterns or beliefs or behaviors that you sense are ready to be transformed.

State your willingness to release them and ask your allies to assist you in this letting go process. Give it as much time as you need. You may or may not feel an actual release take place, but know that those dark places have been filled with the light of your intention and the potential for a complete healing is now possible.

When you are ready send your gratitude to your allies, and to the spirit of this sacred space and begin your journey back to your special place of beauty. Notice when you arrive if everything looks brighter, more alive and vibrant. Know that something has been cleared away within you, allowing you now to feel more fully that Scorpionic energy of the warrior.

Bring yourself slowly back now to the room in which you are sitting. Take a moment to feel yourself fully back. Perhaps wiggle your toes and move your arms and hands around. See yourself connected deeply to the earth and feel that energy grounding you. When you are ready open your eyes.