The 7-foot mound of snow in my front yard is getting smaller each day. As I watch the snow melting and see the water seeping into the storm drains it makes me think of the process happening in my own body. I’m imagining my body being in sync with this spring season, warming up and effortlessly melting away the excess that has accumulated over the winter months – letting go little by little.

I don’t understand my own initial resistance to letting go because honestly it always results in me feeling better. I feel lighter, renewed with increased energy as I let go of excess food, excess stuff, excess doing. Letting go of the excess opens up space and allows more freedom to enjoy the present moment.

letting goPerhaps the initial resistance to letting go is just habit. What if I created a new habit that – like Spring – is triggered by warmer weather, melting snow and increasing light? I imagine my body being Winter – and then slowly releasing – letting go little by little  – just baby steps – as I transition into Spring,

Here are the baby steps for me this Spring – not all at once – but little by little – trying to do this as effortlessly as Spring comes forward:

hydrating1. Hydrating – sipping warm water throughout the day, with the intent of flushing out whatever has been stagnant and needs releasing. “Letting go – and letting go some more,” becomes my mantra.

2. Eating mindfully – reminding myself to first take a deep breath as I sit down to eat. This helps bring my body into a state of calm, activates the parasympathetic nervous system and sets me up for optimal digestion. I’m tempted to reach for my phone and check the news or my emails; but then I remember my intention to be completely present to the meal before me. I focus 100% on smelling, tasting and experiencing my meal. By being present to my meal I feel satisfied and can let go of eating excess food or the need to fill myself with “treats.” By being fully present to my meal I’m able to let go of excess doing and accomplishing – at least in those moments of eating.

Letting Go3. Decluttering – letting go of excess stuff. I’m frequently plagued by too much stuff and that stuff weighs on me. Trouble is – where to begin? I think of all the stuff in my basement and immediately feel overwhelmed. I recently got a great tip from a book called Decluttering at the Speed of Life, by Dana K. White. Dana recommends beginning your decluttering with the most visible space – where you enter your house or where your guests enter. By starting there (even though it’s not the area that needs the most attention) you get the greatest sense of accomplishment. And since you walk by that space most often, it just makes you feel good each time you go by. Letting go of excess stuff from the entry seems easy and almost effortless. From there – little by little – you move to the next most visible space – releasing some more and slowly finding the freedom that comes from more space.

Letting go as effortlessly as possible feels like a new beginning. Just like Spring, I’m in no rush. Some days feel more like Winter than Spring, but I’m confident that before too long, the process of letting go will completely take care of that pile of snow in my front yard, melting away the excess, opening up more space and bringing more freedom.

~Sue Hardman-Conklin

Questions To Ponder

  1. What is weighing you down right now that you’d love to let go of?
  2. What is the smallest baby step you could take in the process of letting go?
  3. Is the baby step small enough so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming? If not, how can you make the baby step even smaller?