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Spiritual Transformation – It’s a Team Effort

Who’s Your Captain?


Spiritual Transformation is a Team Activity

Streams of Consciousness

A team that doesn’t work well together successfully isn’t a money team. Collectively, they are not winners, or recognized, or celebrated. It doesn’t mean that they are not fun, exciting, or lively. But, it usually says that they are not very effective. If the players can’t coordinate to get the ball into the goal, or the puck into the net, or the football over the line, they aren’t successful.

Similarly, the Soul can’t use a personality whose components don’t function as a team. Considering ourselves in this way is a helpful analogy for thinking about the process of spiritual awakening and personality integration.

Your Team

For most of us, our team is made up of the parts of us that give us our identity. These “parts” include your soul, personality, and your body, emotions, and mind. Now, while they are not individually separate from you, they are layers of your identity. Just like the members of a sports team, there is team captain and players. Each has a particular role and essential position to play. Everyone is needed, and everyone must work together.

How well the members play together (coordinate), under the direction of the captain helps us to understand how integrated we are. Is one member out for themselves, wanting to shine and be the star? Do our emotions pull us off from our purpose? Is our mind aligned with our personality? These are some of the details we can begin to discern. Who heads the team helps us to understand the individual’s level of spiritual awakening.

Your Team Players

Each of your team members carries unique energy and skill. (Influenced by one of seven ray energies). Their combined expression reveals our individuality. Your team players are:

  1. The soul – This is our divine spark, the light expressing the fullness of our being, and what connects us to everything else in either form or spirit. The soul is the essential aspect of our nature, and it clothes itself in our physical form. Our soul is what gives us life. Our physical form (body) is what provides us with the ability to act, ideally on behalf of spirit. We have a soul because we exist. There is no purpose to our existence other than this.
  2. The personality – The personality is the garment we wear during our lifetime. It is the instrument through which the soul expresses, operates, and performs in the world around it.
  3. The physical body – includes the dense physical body and the etheric body that energizes and vitalizes your form
  4. The emotional body – enables  vibrancy and coloring of your thoughts and expression
  5. The mental body – provides you with logic, reason, and intelligence to function and survive

Who’s the Team Captain?

From a spiritual perspective, its the team captain that matters. Teams captained by the personality look and operate quite differently from those that are captained by the soul. It is essential to have a sense of where you are on the spiritual path to identify who is the captain of your team. We’ll talk more about that in a bit.

For our purposes, personality consists of the combined energy of the physical, emotional, and mental bodies. These three (lower) vehicles work in a more chaotic and unregulated way in the period before spiritual awakening. The soul can’t work with a team that doesn’t work well together. Too much energy and effort are lost in ineffective action. The personality is Captain during this period, and his goal is to get the players to work together.

With the personality as captain, the vehicles slowly begin to coordinate and regulate the impulses and desires, and an integrated character begins to emerge. The person will still tend to be driven by their physical drives, power, and personal interests, but they become increasingly effective in how they work in the world. We often recognize these individuals as an unenlightened personality having its selfish but effective way in the world.

The Soul as Captain

As more integration occurs between the soul and personality, physical desires are regulated, and a certain degree of control over our desires and emotions develops. We begin to choose to act on higher promptings. We want to work for a greater good beyond our selfish personal interests. Rather than being driven by emotion, the mind starts to govern through reason and logic. When the coordinated personality vehicles have reached a degree of integration, then spiritual awakening occurs.

TransformationThis event is typically marked by an experience which connects us, usually memorably, to our spiritual light. We are no longer satisfied to act solely on our selfish behalf. Consequently, we begin to perceive the world in broader terms and yearn to reconnect to the experience of our greater light that marked our awakening.

This shift marks the beginning of the hand-off of the team captain. While the handoff does not typically occur all at once, increasingly decisions are made on behalf of the spiritual light held deep within. More and more, the higher captain, the soul directs life. And, with the soul as Captain, the team members become an increasing unified whole, until ultimately, it is impossible to discern the division of the players.

Rayology and the Seven Streams of Consciousness

Rayology can help us to awaken to who we are and how we can use our gifts and strengths most effectively. As we become conscious of our unique pattern of energies and when we live true to that pattern, we grow into who and what we already are in essence. In fact, it is our most profound purpose as human beings to manifest our spiritual blueprint or archetype.

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