October 23 – November 21

I Desire

Ruling Planet: Pluto and Mars
Natural House: Eighth
Related Areas of Life: Transformation, Sexuality, Death

Key Words

Compulsive   ~  Control   ~   Emotional   ~   Intense    ~   Passionate   ~   Penetrating ~   Perceptive    ~  Resourceful   ~  Secretive   ~    Tenacity   ~   Transformation

ScorpioScorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac. Represented by a glyph which is not unlike the letter “M” with a pointed tail, reminding us there is always the potential of action or a sting with this sign. Our Scorpion is very much about depth, intensity and extremes. Strong-willed, passionate and persistent, there is always more to a Scorpio than meets the eye. While they may show a cool and unemotional exterior, tremendous power and strength lies beneath.

There is an element of mystery and secrecy with this sign and it is not easy for others to get up close and personal. They keep their cards very close to the vest and personal thoughts or feelings are shared only with trusted friends or confidantes. Fiercely independent, Scorpio operates very well on their own. The involvement of others is not an essential ingredient for them to be productive, successful, or happy.  Powerful and often domineering, ambition and determination are trademark qualities of Scorpio natives who like to be in charge and in control. Their perseverance generally pays off and they often get what they want. Many of these natives are successful in prominent business or leadership roles, such as Bill Gates of Microsoft, and Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President of the United States.

Scorpios are inquisitive and probing by nature, asking questions that penetrate the surface so they can learn what really lies beneath. Natural detectives, Scorpios can be persistent getting right to the bottom of things, undeterred by obstacles. They have the intuitive ability to know whether others are being genuine, or if they are playing games. It can be difficult to gain the upper hand with a Scorpio but, once respect and trust is earned, they can be loyal and generous friends.

As a water sign, Scorpio tends to be emotional, though that is not always obvious. Regardless of how calm and collected they appear on the outside, there is always emotion and energy flowing beneath the surface.  This trait allows them to direct their passion towards anything they undertake and once they choose a goal they can be relentless in their pursuit. Slow to trust, it can take a long time to develop personal relationships, but when they do Scorpio’s connections are deep and intense. They are steadfast in their commitments, making them loyal and trustworthy friends or partners who will stand by through thick and thin. However, if betrayed, they will feel deeply wounded and quickly cast aside the offending party. Quite unforgiving, Scorpio is apt to hold a grudge and there is very little potential to repair the connection.

The planets Mars and Pluto co-rule this sign, with Mars being the traditional ruler since Pluto was only discovered in 1930. Mars strongly relates to Scorpio in areas of outward activity such as action, initiative, competition, dominance, and even sex. However, most modern Astrologers consider Pluto to be the primary ruler. Regardless of the Press in recent years, Pluto represents quite a powerful and potent force and is still very much a planet within the field of Astrology. As “God of the God of the UnderworldUnderworld”, Pluto represents that which is “below the surface”. Secrecy, mystery, subconscious and transformation, are all very much within his realm.

Scorpio is the natural ruler of the 8th House. Here we find areas of life which include Death, Sex, Taxes, and Other People’s Money (or Shared Resources). While Scorpio’s key phrase is “I desire”, the phrase for the 8th House is “I am transformed”. Both astrologically and philosophically, the areas of death, rebirth and sex are considered transformational and reflect the qualities of Pluto. Psychological therapists, coroners, and undertakers fall within the scope of this House as they deal with the transformational aspects of life. Further, through these types of “events”, it naturally follows that creditors, investment bankers and insurance brokers also come into play, and so they too are connected with this House, as are the material elements of a spouse’s money, alimony, legacies, and wills.

To gain a fuller understanding of how Scorpio manifests in your life, take a look at your chart and note where this sign appears. Scorpio on the cusp of a House suggests that area of life may be where you have particular focus, or demonstrate passion and persistence. As with all of the signs, there are both positive and negative expressions of the associated characteristics. For example, a Scorpio 6th House (Work, Health and Service) could suggest a significant focus on work with a strong a drive to achieve results.  However, a darker representation could mean obsession with gaining power and position, or even workaholic tendencies. In the case of a planet, Scorpio can add power, intensity or depth to the manner in which it behaves. For example, Mercury in Scorpio may represent communication on a very deep level and a persistent pursuit of deep knowledge. Taken too far, it’s possible the individual will not know when enough is enough and push too far, at the exclusion of all else. The key of course is understanding both sides.

So, how does Scorpio play out in your life? Knowing how this sign operates can offer clues towards more effectively using the potency of Scorpio and perhaps directing energy towards a more beneficial or higher purpose.

~ Jayne Logan   Jayne Logan