Succedent Houses of the Horoscope

The Succedent Houses of the Horoscope are the second category or classification of Houses in the chart. Immediately following the angular Houses, Succedent Houses are the 2nd, 5th, 8th and 11th, and traditionally astrologers have not considered them to be as powerful as their predecessors. However, in practical application it seems more accurate to suggest that the Succedent Houses reflect areas of life where maintaining a certain degree of consistency and steadiness is desirable. In this way the Succedent Houses reflect something of the nature of the Fixed modality.

In the areas of life represented by these Houses one might say there is an element of attachment. In the 2nd House we find personal possessions and resources, and the manner and degree to which we feel a sense of attachment or ‘fixate’ on these material goods will be reflected by the sign. Any planet residing within a Succedent House will offer clues as to what those resources might be along the lines of personal finances and property.

The Houses

SuccedentThe 5th House includes children, creativity and leisure, and attachment to these areas of life might naturally be expected. The idea of commitment to the result of one’s efforts is consistent with Succedent qualities and many will recognize how attached one can be to their children, not wanting to let go when the time comes for them to go their own way. Similarly, this can be true for one’s creative endeavors.

The 8th House relates to other people’s money and resources, death and transformation. Each of these areas suggesting some type of commitment in partnership with others as one travels through life. The concept of death can be a clear illustration of how difficult it can be to let go, and the idea of deep emotions can be linked to psychology and challenges associated with efforts towards transformation.

Finally, the 11th House is connected to friends, associations and society in general. The natural ruler of the 11th is Aquarius and, as an air sign, this house is all about connection and relating. We often have clear and fixed ideas of what we expect from our friends or the groups with whom we associate, and our ideas about how society does or should function are consistent with the Succedent nature of the House.

Planets in Succedent Houses

Planets located within any of the Succedent Houses suggest what is keenly important in the individual’s life and what they strive to keep stable and constant. The sign on the cusp of the house also needs to be given consideration in delineating the chart as it will offer an indication of how these things show up in the person’s life. It might be helpful to consider that each of the four elements is represented within the Succedent Houses: Earth in the 2nd, Fire in the 5th, Water in the 8th and Air in the 11th. The nature of the element considered with the corresponding House offers some additional clues as to the tone and texture of energies within those Houses.

Making It Personal

I invite you to look at your own chart. Do you have planets residing in the Succedent Houses? Consider the level of attachment you have to those areas of life and the degree to which you have applied or sought commitment or stability.  Cadent Houses will be discussed in the next posting.