Leo New Moon – The Great American Eclipse 2017

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Leo New Moon – The Great American Eclipse 2017

On August 21st we will not only experience the second new moon in the sign of Leo but we will also witness the “Great American Eclipse.” Much has been written about this event and you can reference it by clicking on this link from Soul Bridging,


Eclipses are known as evolutionary gateways, giving us the opportunity to grow up in new ways, to wipe clean the slate of old patterns, and to emerge somewhere different than when we entered. They also signify that something has completed itself, something is ending to make way for the new. To take advantage of these powerful energies we need to examine what changes may be needed in our lives. We are dealing with an aspect, Sun trine Uranus, which will offer us the support that we need to adjust to the changes that may occur in our lives or on our planet. Even though this is a harmonious aspect, with Uranus in the picture we must be prepared for the unexpected, the explosive, the unpredictable change.

The major themes of this eclipse season are:

Unpredictable events on the world stage. Pluto stations direct on September 28 setting the scene for all the changes that our planet is going through. The possibility of extreme and volatile events must be considered. It will be important to try to move with the energies, to go with the flow, rather than shrink or constrict in resistance and fear.

The impact on our President. Since this eclipse degree (29 degrees Leo) is on Trump’s Ascendant and Mars it could mean that something big will be triggered or something explosive emerge. Some astrologers are predicting that all his secrets may leak out over the next 6 months. Traditionally, a solar eclipse can signal the downfall or overthrow of a political leader. We will just have to wait and see.

As above, so below. From an esoteric perspective, the Sun is the animating force behind our Higher Nature, or our Soul. The moon represents our Lunar Nature, our lower self or our personality. At a solar eclipse, the Sun is hidden so the lunar forces will predominate, stimulating our lower nature.

Whenever we have an aspect that is 29 degrees it means that something essential is ending. “The creativity of humanity is called forth at this new moon, solar eclipse. So that our old ways of thinking of ourselves can fall away. So a new creative identity can begin. So that the Sons and Daughters of God can turn their creative gifts (Leo) towards the world—Aquarius, serving the world.” Sharon Deep





Deepen Your Transformation

Pondering these questions at the time of the Leo new moon, and during the eclipse, can deepen your transformation.

Is there something “essential” that is ending in your life?

What changes are you being asked to make?

How will you choose to respond to the changes in your own life as well as the changes happening in our world?

Solar Eclipse

Leo New Moon
The Great American Eclipse

Blessing in the Chaos

To all that is chaotic

In you,

Let there come silence.

Let there be a calming

Of the clamoring,

A stilling

Of the voices that

Have laid their claim

On you, that have made their

Home in you,

That go with you

Even to the

Hold places

But will not

Let you rest,

Will not let you

Hear your life

With wholeness

Or feel the grace

That fashioned you.

Let what distracts you


Let what divides you


Let there come an end

To what diminishes

And demeans,

And let depart

All that keeps you

In its cage.

Let there be

An opening

Into the quiet

That lies beneath

The chaos,

Where you find

The peace

You did not thing


And see what shimmers

Within the storm.

Jan Richardson

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