mooring ringThis new moon in Scorpio finds us entertaining the energies of Scorpio, who loves nothing better than the mystery, the unknown, the darkness. She moves in like a detective, ready to unveil all that is hidden and secretive, that which is below the surface. She will not rest until she discovers the deepest, underlying message beneath all the subterfuge. She understands the cycles of life, how everything dies and is reborn, how transformation is always possible and her journey carries her to all the places in need of redemption. She is the warrior, always tested, always given trials to overcome, but with the strength needed to triumph.

This new moon is asking us to look beneath the surface of what is going on in our world. If we look beneath the chaos, fear and negativity can we reach a place of understanding, compassion, and forgiveness? Can we find an inner core of peace and equanimity with which to meet the challenge our world is going through right now?

We are given help in this task of trying to make sense of the world. Neptune is active at this lunation, so our intuitive minds are being stimulated. We have the capacity to expand, to widen the doors of our perceptions to see what underlying truths we can detect. We can lean into our trust that this particular cycle is just part of a larger picture that is always evolving, always moving us forward.

The planet Mercury is also prominent this month as it joins the new moon placement. Mercury, as the “messenger of the Gods,” represents our mental energy. With Mercury so close to the sun and in a positive aspect to Neptune we are being challenged to think differently, to expand our usual mental musings and to raise our thoughts up to a higher level. This combination of planets helps us see the largest picture we can envision. It also asks us to join with our heart so we can express ourselves with intelligent love. Our world needs this so desperately right now. Let’s use this Scorpio new moon energy to lift ourselves out of the darkness and recommit to invoking the light.

Scorpio New Moon

A poem for Scorpio

Make of my heart,
a resting place,
where all can come
to be blessed,
to be cleansed,
to be immersed
in a cauldron of Love.
Enter, fear.
Welcome, anxiety.
Come in, confusion and uncertainty.
Come and rest.
Lay your bodies down.
Be cradled in the waters of love.

Deepen Your Transformation

Pondering these questions as you enter into meditation this month, especially on the day of the full moon, can deepen your transformation.

How can I find a place of peace within myself during these challenging times?

What is the biggest vision I can hold for my world?  Can I commit to focusing on that?

How can I shine more light into my little corner of the world?